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Country Of Product Origin: Japan

D.I.D Roller Chain Product Range
Standart Roller Chains
ANSI Standard Roller Chains
BS Roller Chains
Ultimate Power Chains
HI-PWR-S Roller Chain
HK Roller Chain
HI-PWR-SHK Roller Chain
Wear Resistant Chain
X-Ring Chain (LX)/O-Ring Chain (LD)
Fit X-Ring Chain (LF)
Sintered Bushing Roller Chain (UR-B)
DH-α Chain (DHA)
Cold Formed Solid Bushing Roller Chain (D)
Environment Resistant Chain
Nickel Plated Chain (N)
Hi-Guard Chain (E)
Double Guard Chain (WG)
Stainless Steel Chain (SS/SSK)
Stainless Steel X-Ring Chain (SSLT)
Low-Temperature Resistant Chain (TK)
Super Low Noise Chain (UN)
Small Conveyor Chains
Single Pitch Conveyor Chain
Double Pitch Conveyor Chain
Free Flow Chains & other Conveyor Chains
Large Conveyor Chains & Sprockets
Standard Conveyor Chain
Bucket Elevator Chain
Continuous Flow Conveyor Chain & Chain for Dust Conveyor
Seal Chain (Mega X-Ring Chain)
DK Conveyor Chain Sprocket
Dr. Window (One-Touch Inspection Door for Conveyor)

Specialty Chain & Related Products
Pin Oven Chain
Oil Field Chain (RIG-REDi)
Leaf Chain
Bicycle Chain
Small Pitch Chain
Agricultural Chain
Related Products