Dinamik is the largest distributor of NMB ball bearings, Fan Motors and Step Motors. With factories in Japan, Thailand and Singapore,China.NMB bearings are known internationally for providing unmatched quality and value. At Dinamik, we ensure the quality of every NMB bearing we deliver through our own extensive in-house lot traceability practices and ISO 9001:2008 certification. We can provide NMB bearings for industries as diverse as:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Manufacturing
  • Computer
  • Communications

About NMB

Minebea was founded in 1951 as Japan’s first manufacturer to specialize in miniature ball bearings. At present, the Minebea Group encompasses 42 subsidiaries and affiliates, which operate 36 manufacturing plants and 40 sales offices in 18 countries and employ over 50,000 people.

More on Minebea

Minebea Co., Ltd., was established in 1951 as Japan’s first specialized manufacturer of miniature ball bearings. They are the international leader in precision miniature ball bearing manufacturing. Companies in the Minebea family include:

  • NMB Minebea Co.,Ltd
  • New Hampshire Ball Bearings Inc. (NHBB)
  • Myonic
  • Cerobear
  • Hansen Corp.

Product Range

NMB Miniature Ball Bearing

Miniature & small sized ball bearings

Ball bearings are machinery components, which comprise an outer ring, inner ring, balls, retainers, shields and snap rings. Miniature and small-sized ball bearing mean ball bearing, up to 30mm in external diameter. Essential to high-precision rotary components, ball bearings determine rotational accuracy.

NMB Rod End

Rod end & spherical bearings

Used in aircraft components, such as wing flaps, engine and wing mounts and hatches, rod-end spherical bearings function as joints. These bearings are also used extensively in helicopters, trains, automobiles, electric power plant, construction machinery, ships, attraction equipment and space-related products.

NMB Fan Motors

Fans Motors

Fan motors rotate fans to cool the inside of PCs and other office automation (OA) equipment by directing heat outside. Minebea manufactures high-end fan motors with Minebea ball bearings, and fan motors with long-life sleeve bearings.


NMB Motors


NMB’s step motors include hybrid, molded type flange, permanent magnet, hybrid linear and hybrid gear boxes, all customizable. NMB’s brush DC motors are ideally for applications that require small size and excellent power output. The brushless DC motors are perfect for installation in restricted area such as environments sensitive to interference, battery powered equipment and clean room environments. Step and BLDC motors have available integrated customizable electronics for ease of application development, systems reduction and project proofing.