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Rod End Bearings

Rod end bearings are spherical bearings used extensively in the aerospace, automobiles, railways and industrial machines. While we offer a wide range of standard bearings herein, we are capable of manufacturing products that work in a broad range environment and meet a wide variety of needs. 
Please consult with the ROD END BUSINESS UNIT when designing for special purposes.

UnitTypeDescriptionPart NumberScrew TypePDF
mm3 PieceMetal to MetalHRFemale[168.6 KB]
mm3 PieceMetal to MetalHR-EMale[164.4 KB]
mm3 PieceSelf LubricatingHRTFemale[148.0 KB]
mm3 PieceSelf LubricatingHRT-EMale[147.8 KB]
mm4 PieceMetal to MetalPRFemale[141.5 KB]
mm4 PieceMetal to MetalPR-EMale[144.0 KB]
mmMinelon® TNMolded TypeRBMFemale[124.3 KB]
mmMinelon® TNMolded TypeRBM-EMale[125.1 KB]
mm2 PieceSelf LubricatingRBTFemale[134.0 KB]
mm2 PieceSelf LubricatingRBT-EMale[130.9 KB]